Our Story

The Loaded Kitchen is a concierge grocery service founded on the premise of giving vacationers a luxury experience on their well-deserved vacation.

Rod & Reel Pier on Anna Maria Island

Our family has been vacationing to Anna Maria Island, Florida (which eventually became our flagship location) for almost a decade. Every year we would go through the same routine. We would get to our rental, unload our bags, go pick up our golf cart, and the head to the grocery store. Instead of spending time on the beach or in the pool, we are fighting traffic and standing in long lines trying to get our groceries for the week. As our family grew and kids became part of the picture, this task become more and more difficult. Our last trip to the island included two other families totaling 15 people. You can imagine the headache of getting groceries for 15 people after an 18-hour drive. The trip to the store took almost 3 hours and several trips up flights of stairs with our bags of groceries. After we had finished the mundane task of stocking the refrigerator and cabinets, we were sitting around the pool and one of our group members said,

“Wouldn’t it be nice if all of that was taken care of for us before we got here?”

From that statement, The Loaded Kitchen was born. Our goal is to take the work of grocery shopping out of your vacation. Pick your items from our easy to use website and let us do the rest. When you arrive, your refrigerator will be stocked with cold food and beverages, and your cabinets filled with whatever you so desire. Our experienced concierges take great pride in helping you get your vacation off on the right foot. Let us load your kitchen, so you can start enjoying your vacation as soon as you arrive.